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25+ Small Business Ideas for Women in India [Updated for 2023]

low investment business ideas for women in India



Namrata was a born chef and was famous in her society for her amazing cooking skills. Like every other household in the country, she happily spent hours in the kitchen, blushing every time someone praised her cooking skills. 

All was good till 2020 lockdown, when her father suffered a setback in business and her brother lost his job. The whole family was stunned but helpless. One day, she came across a post about women entrepreneurs in different parts of India running cloud kitchens from their home kitchens.

She suddenly got an idea — she can cater to thousands of kids craving for homely meals while stuck in a foriegn city. And that’s how she started her own small business with low investment. 

While her story is inspirational (and aspirational), starting a business in India is no piece of cake for a man, let alone a women. Sinking into such scary details about marketing, supplies, logistics, etc. can scare anyone away. 

But don’t you think overcoming hurdles and challenges is the only key to become self-independent and become financially independent as a woman?  

You might not be a cook like Namrata, but you might be good at something. The key is in finding what you’re good at. And if you feel overwhelmed or confused about your skills, here are some great business ideas that you can think about for starting a small business in India. But before that, let’s reinforce why you should start a business in the first place. 

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Why Women Should Start a Business in India? 

A recent report by IBEF predicts that women entrepreneurs will shape the future of the country. One of the most prominent reasons mentioned why women want to start a business in India is the inherent desire for a woman to provide for the family. 

85% of the purchase decisions are influenced by women. So, naturally, they want to offer a better lifestyle to their family — something you’ll relate to as well. 

Entrepreneurship gives financial freedom and confidence, which is always desirable for a woman in India. Doing things your way, managing your own time and being your own boss promise respect, recognition, and quality of life. 

  • Women want to follow their passion; 
  • They want to provide better for their family; 
  • They want to feel financially independent; 
  • They want to be respected and recognized. 


Best Small Ideas For Women In India With Low Investment

Startup India revolution and several other government initiatives have started a wave of women entrepreneurship. 

business ideas run by women in india
Source: IBEF

If you’re also thinking of starting something of your own, let’s look at some interesting ideas that don’t need a lot of money. 

Artsy Small Business Ideas for Women 

Women are ‘natural creators’ and starting an artistic business idea is an obvious choice for most women. If you take a look over Instagram, you will find various artsy businesses owned by women. They are successful in creating unique pieces of art and making a booming business out of it. 

If you are a woman who possesses an artistic mind, you, too, can apply your skills and create products that people are likely to buy. Here are some artsy small business ideas for women in India: 

Idea #1: Start a Personalised Gifting Business

Gone are the days when people used to give perfumes, photo frames, flowers, teddy bears, chocolates and more of these common gifts to their loved ones. 

The gift industry has changed a lot in the past few decades. People prefer gifting personalized ‘items’ to their loved ones. Something which holds some emotional value, but is also personalised and memorable. Such gifts include memory scrapbooks, calligraphy, handwritten letters, fridge magnets, pottery, raisin art and more. 

You can start a personalized gifting business using your artistic talent or creativity with ease. All you need is something to make, some supplies, a medium to promote your creations, and you’re all set to receive orders. 

Confused? Here are some successful women-led businesses ruling the personalized gifting domain: 

Suitable For: 

  • Someone who loves creating art and is creative; 
  • Women with strong sense of aesthetics; 
  • Someone with an existing art background; 
  • Someone who can get hold of art & craft supplies for cheap (family business). 

Idea #2: Start a Candle Making Business

Candles can never go out of style. Though many feel this to be a saturated market (or overhyped idea) you can tap into your creative side to bring out your creativity in the form of candles and get going. 

You can be creative around the style, scent, and design in a way that presents your candles to stand out in the market. For inspiration, you can check Pinterest to find to thousands of new candle designs out there, which you can replicate to start an small business via your instagram handle

Suitable For: 

  • Women who loves creating candles; 
  • Women with a strong sense of aroma and design;
  • People who are good at blending scents; 
  • Someone with a candle-making background. 

Success Stories: 


Idea #3: Become a Caricature Artist 

Caricature artists are painters who have a good sense of making look-alike portraits for people. They use a someone’s photo to create caricature portraits for them. You might have seen reels from artists who love surprising strangers with their caricatures on Instagram. 

Well, you can also get started if you have a sharp eye to detail, a creative bent of mind, and definitely some solid drawing or sculpting skills. You can draw caricatures or even use wood, clay, stone and raisin art to create caricatures for people. 

If you can bring out the emotion in faces and promote it via social media, you can make your product shine in the crowded market. 

Suitable For: 

  • Someone who loves sculpting and is ready to learn; 
  • People who are good in colours and styles;
  • Existing caricature artists or portrait makers.  


Success Stories: 


Idea #4: Become an Illustrator 

Being an illustrator is the most exciting job if you have a knack for drawing, animation and creating art. 

The idea of creating mangas, graphic books, and comics is challenging but equally fascinating and profitable at the same time. Remember Sumit from Bakarmax? The agency owner who came on Shark Tank with his comical ideas and illustrations? They’ve been running a pretty decent business using this skill. 

All you need to have is a creative mind and a zeal to draw and a way with stories. The opportunities to earn are endless — brand reels, comic strips, collabs, freelancing, and more. 

There are many tools in the market with which you can take help and draw people’s stories. If you’ve got an iPad, you can download ProCreate to get started right away. You can even use Adobe Illustrate along with a drawing pad to get started if iPad feels too costly at this point. 

Suitable For: 

  • Someone who loves animation and illustrations;
  • Women who love using ProCreate or iPencil; 
  • Women storytellers looking to monetize their social media following. 

Success Stories: 


Idea #5: Become a Makeup Artist 

Women and makeup go hand in hand. So, why not start something around makeup?
If you love grooming your friends, family, sister, or your girl gang, you might as well start a career as a makeup artist. 

The demand for makeup artists can never fade out. To begin with, you can cater for the needs of people who wish to get their makeup done in your locality. This way, you will gain expertise in the art. And, when you are confident enough, you can launch your boutique makeup studio or even go freelance by targeting bridal makeup category. 

Suitable For: 

  • Someone with existing makeup artist training;
  • People who are good at highlighting facial features; 

Success Stories: 

Fitness Business Ideas for Women 

With the increasing popularity of maintaining a healthy lifestyle, fitness business is growing exponentially. Therefore, if you are a fitness freak and believe in educating people on how they can fix their lifestyle, starting a small business in the fitness niche is the right step. 

All you need to do is start giving tips and tricks to your friends and family, this will help in spreading the ‘word of mouth’. Once you have enough audience, you can launch your YouTube channel, social media profile or a blog. 

We know that you might be looking for fitness business ideas, so here they are: 

Idea #6: Become a Yoga Instructor 

There is no doubt about the fact that yoga brings harmony between one’s body and mind. If you have a passion for Yoga and wish to educate people about the right postures of Yoga, being a Yoga teacher is for you. 

For starting this, you can start instructing your friends and family, and while doing so, you can create interesting videos. Later on you can set up a social media profile, post these videos and gain popularity. 

Suitable For: 

  • Someone who loves Yoga
  • Women with strong ability to teach Yoga
  • People who are passionate about Yoga 
  • Someone with an existing Yoga Training 


Success Stories: 

Idea #7: Become a Zumba Fitness Trainer 

Is dancing your passion? And, you love educating people on how they can stay fit with a simple routine of dancing for 30 minutes daily? 

If your answer to the above question is yes, then what are you waiting for? You can start training people at your home, in a nearby garden or a studio. 

To market yourself, you can reach out to people staying in your society, apartment, and friends. Gather them in the open, put up the sound system and start moving. We are sure that this will encourage others and make them join you. 

Suitable For: 

  • Someone who loves dancing
  • Women with strong ability to teach Zumba
  • People who are passionate about Zumba
  • Someone with an existing studio set-up 


Success Stories: 

Idea #8: Become a Pilates Trainer 

People love to try something new to maintain a healthy lifestyle. For some people, yoga is too slow and gymming is too fast-paced. Pilates brings a balance between yoga and a gym. 

As a result, people have switched to pilates training to have a fitness routine. There are different forms and styles of Pilates which I am sure that you already know about. And, if you feel that you are well-versed with a style and form, Pilates training is for you. 


Suitable For: 

  • Someone who loves Pilates
  • Women who are certified Pilates trainers
  • People who are passionate about Pilates
  • Someone with an existing studio set-up 


Success Stories: 


Idea #9: Launch a Fitness Clothing Brand 

When the fitness industry is at its peak, why should fitness clothing brands stay behind? It is very evident that people are trying their level best to attain a healthy routine, and for this, they need reliable clothing that makes them look confident even when they are gymming. 

Also, we would not deny that there are various brands for the same. And to make your product stand out, you need a creative twist. For example - You can print humorous or motivational quotes on your fitness apparels to catch the attention of your audience. 

Read More: Start an eCommerce Business in India

Suitable For: 

  • Someone who knows clothing business 
  • Women who are fitness enthusiasts
  • People who can combine creativity and clothing 
  • Someone with an existing set-up for apparel assembling

Success Stories: 

Idea #10: Start a Fitness Supplement Business 

In the fitness industry, you can never go wrong with fitness supplements. People who are fitness freaks and they are into rigorous fitness training, they require fitness supplements to complete their body needs for nutrition. 

If you are a person who can supply nutrition to such fitness enthusiasts, the fitness supplement business is meant for you. To stand out in the market, you can claim that there are no side effects on the human body. 


Suitable For: 

  • Someone who knows about supplements
  • Women who are fitness enthusiasts
  • People who can make healthy consumable supplements 
  • Someone with an existing set-up for packing and manufacturing


Success Stories: 

Home Decor Small Business Ideas for Women 

Do often people appreciate your house and the decor items you create? If yes, opening up a business where you can help others to decorate their homes is not a bad idea for you. 

Creativity with unique home decor products helps grab the attention of the audience and make them buy from you. Since it is an already saturated market, it is your creativity that makes your business stand out from the rest.

Without much further ado, here are some home decor business ideas that you can start with: 

Idea #11: Start Selling Wooden Nameplates or Sign Boards

People have been very particular about their name boards. And, owing to the name board creatives, these days people prefer hand-painted and personalised ones. 

A creative and a quirky style name plate with hand-painted names of all the family members makes them look appealing. Not only this, you can expand your business into a wooden show piece items gift shop as well. 


Suitable For: 

  • Someone who knows about woods and carving;
  • Women who are good painters or wood artists;  
  • People who can use creative wooden decor elements 
  • Someone with an existing set-up for wood workshop


Success Stories: 


Idea #12: Start Selling Tablewares and Crockery 

Tablewares, ceramics, and crockery are the heart and soul of a modern home. These are the essentials that look chic when placed aesthetically on tables, corners, and showcases. 

You can branch the ceramics creation into aesthetic tea cups, flower pots, planters, mugs, platters and more. If you need any inspiration for designing, you can scroll to Pinterest where you can tap into the interests of people around you. 


Suitable For: 

  • Someone who knows about ceramic art 
  • Women who are good painters 
  • People who can use creative decor elements 
  • Someone with an existing set-up for a ceramic gift shop 


Success Stories: 

Idea #13: Launch your Range of Homemade Organisers 

From the past few years, people have shifted their interests from mundane organisers to designer space organisers. Artists have created a new business niche for appealing space organisers at affordable prices. 

If you are a creative person and have a keen interest in such space organisers, you can create a small online business where you can market and sell such quirky and cute organisers. Adding some cute elements will surely make your organisers sell quickly. 


Suitable For: 

  • Someone who knows about organisers
  • Women who are creative
  • People who can use creative elements 
  • Someone with an existing set-up for a shop 


Success Stories: 


Idea #14: Sell Handcrafted Lamps 

Lampshades have been in home decor since mediaeval times. Different colour shades and their unique designs illuminates the entire space. 

And even today, it is a well known fact that lampshades do change the entire look of a living room or a bedroom. To an already saturated market, if you can give a twist to an otherwise lampshade, you are sure to nail the home decor business. 

For this, you can use the leftover clothes, jute, wood and more to create these lamps at your home. You can paint these lampshades to give a personalised touch to them. Or you can reach out to a supplier and acquire lampshades + accessories in bulk and set up an assembly unit, if you are aiming for hypergrowth using Amazon or your own D2C brand. 

Suitable For: 

  • Someone who knows about lamps
  • Women who are creative
  • People who can use paints and colours 
  • Someone with an existing set-up for a shop 


Success Stories: 

Idea #15: Create and Sell Miniature Art 

Lately, people have started decorating their living rooms with miniature art that accentuates the look of a dining or a living room. The art contains mostly food miniatures, couple miniatures, and miniature dolls. 

People generally put these miniatures on their fridges or decorate their corner tables with the same. If you possess the knack for creating these quirky miniatures and help people bring life to their room corners or their fridges, this business idea is just for you. 


Suitable For: 

  • Someone who knows about miniature art 
  • Women who are creative with clay moulds 
  • People who can use paints and colours 
  • Someone with an existing set-up for a clay shop 


Success Stories: 


Clothing Business Ideas for Ladies

Time constraints and the reluctance to go shop in a mall has brought brands to their doorsteps. Tailoring is nothing new as a business but yes, we agree that marketing trends have shaped tailoring as a large-scale venture. 

Customised t-shirts, thrifting apparels, ethnic wear, casual wear and even used clothes buying/selling have taken the market by a storm. People wish to buy such apparels that make them look confident and chic at an affordable price. 

If you are keen on starting a clothing business, here are some ideas that are surely going to work for you: 

Idea #16: Launch an Ethnic Wear Label 

If you are a person who knows fabric and can design ethnic clothes in a way that is hard to resist, this business idea is for you. Generally, brands charge a lot more for ethnic wear and people look forward to such small businesses who can provide the same quality at an affordable price. 

Opening up a boutique ethnic store isn’t a bad idea. Then you can launch an Instagram handle and showcase your fashion sense through reels to get viral. Slowly, convert your InstaSmallBusiness account into a full-fledged eCommerce store. The sky is the limit, afterwards. 

Suitable For: 

  • Someone who knows about fabric 
  • Women who are good with designs 
  • People who know trends and fashion 
  • Someone with an existing set-up for stitching 


Success Stories: 

Idea #17: Start a Thrift Store (Used Clothes Buying/Selling)

You must have seen many from Gen-Z using Instagram to run similar businesses. It is indeed a profitable idea. 

You can source these clothes from wholesale markets (and even from Sarojini market/Crawford road in Delhi/Mumbai) and launch your own platform to sell these clothes. Your website or Instagram handle can even sell used clothes that aren't worn by people anymore. 

For this, you just need to set-up an online portal where people can upload photos of their apparels, put up a price on them. Visitors can see and if they are willing to buy, they can drop a message to the person who has put the apparel for sale. 

Suitable For: 

  • Someone who knows about fabric 
  • Women who are good in managing 
  • People who know about shipping and handling 
  • Someone with an existing website or mobile application 


Success Stories: 

Idea#18: Sell Customised T-shirts Online

Customised T-shirts with funny and motivational quotes work wonders in the fashion industry. They easily catch attention and perfect colour combinations with impeccable designs makes them appear trendy. 

A good choice for people who have the knowledge of fabric quality, a creative mind to create memes, relatable quotes and a knack for trendy designs, this business might become your new high. For starters, you will need a quote printing machine and a computer to design the prints, plus someone to manufacture your custom t-shirts. You can search online or use a print-on-demand service like Printrove that will do everything for you. 

Suitable For: 

  • Someone who knows about fabric 
  • Women who are good in designing 
  • People who know about fashion 
  • Someone with an existing set-up for printing  

Success Stories: 


Life Coaching Business ideas for Women 

If you have a passion to change people’s lives through life coaching, this business idea is for you. Educating people on how they can have healthy relationships, manage stress levels at work or in relations, attaining inner peace, finding one’s purpose in life are some of the help offered by life coaches. 

It is believed that a life coach has high emotional intelligence and they are able to guide you towards the correct path in life. They are known problem resolvers while developing your strength to fight all odds. 

If you feel confident that you perfectly fit in life coaching, here are some business ideas for you: 

Idea #19: Become an NLP Practitioner 

NLP is the study of communication with others as well as ourselves. NLP practitioners treat fears, phobias, low-esteems, PTSDs, and more of such disorders which do not require a psychologist's help. 

If you are a certified NLP practitioner, you can start by helping people in your peers, friends and family. Take down their testimonials if they were really helped and post it on your social media account. This will make people trust your expertise and once they are convinced, you can start this at a business level. 


Suitable For: 

  • Someone who has learned NLP 
  • Women who are good in communication 
  • People who know about NLP 
  • Someone who is certified as a NLP practitioner  


Success Stories: 


Idea #20: Become a Relationship Coach

We all know that sometimes managing a healthy relationship becomes a hard task for some people. Generally, couples often suffer from relating issues and a relationship coach helps them develop conflict resolution skills. 

If you wish to make couples learn about how they can find a solution without being worked up and deepening the grudges, being a relationship coach will bring laurels to you. 

For the start, you can start coaching couples within your friend and family group. Gather testimonials, start introducing yourself in the circles or run ads to get your first set of clients. You can even launch a free webinar to get some traction quickly. 

Suitable For: 

  • Someone who has learned relationship coaching 
  • Women who are good in communication 
  • People who know couple problems 
  • Someone who is certified relationship coach 


Success Stories: 

Idea #21: Become a Life Coach

People suffer from different issues like childhood traumas, emotional neglect, stress management issues, phobias and more. A life coach helps them understand the cause and works together to resolve these issues. 

If you are someone who is keen on helping people, life coaching is meant for you. You can start by giving free coaching sessions to the people near your locality and once you are confident, you can move to a refined business set-up. 


Suitable For: 

  • Someone who has learned life coaching 
  • Women who are good in communication 
  • People who know life problems 
  • Someone who is certified life coach 


Success Stories: 

Accessories Business Ideas For Women 

Women often accessorise themselves to accentuate their appearances and make them give a chic look. Jewellery is one of the most explored business ideas that can never fade out. 

Jewellery market has widened its wings into different categories and people are decking themselves up with the new, trendy, and quirky styles and designs. Even the personalised jewellery market is growing at a faster pace than thought. And jewellery isn't the end. You can accessorize anything and everything. Remember Heart Up My Sleeves from first episode of Shark Tank India with customized sleeves? That was an accessory too. 

Here are some business accessory based business ideas that you can start with: 

Idea #22: Oxidised Jewellery 

When a clean sterling silver is treated with a chemical called ‘liver of sulphur', it gives a black patina. This gives a tarnished and antique look in jewellery items which is in trend these days. 

If you are a person who likes to create fashion jewellery items, oxidised jewellery is a new market to explore. It is not that expensive to create and a tinge of creativity, you are going to blow your small business. 

You can create beautiful neck pieces, rings, ear rings, mang tikas, raakhis, jhumkas and more. 


Suitable For: 

  • Someone who has experience in jewellery creation 
  • Women who are creative 
  • People who know design 
  • Someone who has a manufacture ready set-up 


Success Stories: 

Idea #23: Personalised Jewellery 

A personalised jewellery item makes every piece unique and sets one apart from the crowd. People are going gaga over jewellery that has their name engraved on it. Not only name, there are other ways to personalise the jewellery items as well. 

With a tad bit creativity, tapping into personalised jewellery making is not a bad business idea. To succeed in this, you will need to be creative in using design elements making them look chic and a little different from the rest of the jewellery makers. 


Suitable For: 

  • Someone who has experience in jewellery creation 
  • Women who are creative and personalising 
  • People who know design 
  • Someone who has a manufacture ready set-up 


Success Stories: 

Idea #24: Hair Accessories 

Scrunchies, headbands, hair clips, bows, clutchers, scarfs, etc. They all have a huge business, combined. If you are a person who is able to stitch and assemble such hair accessories, then we know you can nail this business niche. 

For starting this business, you will need a sewing machine, good fabric quality and a creative mind to make your product attract the attention of the masses. 


Suitable For: 

  • Someone who knows about fabric 
  • Women who are good in creating hair accessories  
  • People who know about designs and colour combinations 
  • Someone with an experience in apparel designing 


Success Stories: 


More Startup Ideas for Women In India


If your search for best business for women in India to start isn't complete by the list above, you can search for the best business ideas in India using our business idea directory or here are some more business ideas for women. You can start small, launch on Instagram as small business and later turn it into an eCommerce store. 

Idea #25: Mobile Cover and Accessories 

Since, mobile has become the utmost important aspect to communicate, almost everyone has a mobile. Now, to give a trendy and creative look, mobile covers and accessories have revolutionised the industry. 

Apart from different bland colours, people look forward to quirky designs and interesting quotes on mobile back covers. Not only this, other accessories like selfie sticks, mobile stands, mobile cleaning kits, chargers, screen guards, OTG pen drives and more have solved accessibility issues. 

If you are willing to start the business, you need a printing machine and get in touch with mobile accessories suppliers. 

Suitable For: 

  • Someone who knows about designs 
  • Women who are good in marketing  
  • People who know about mobile accessories 
  • Someone with an existing shop set-up 


Success Stories: 

Idea #26: Soft Toys 

The toy market is a trending market in India with new brands entering the space everyday. You must have observed a new-wave of toy brands, like Arriro Toys in Shark Tank India. 

In fact, the government is in an advanced phase to launch a 3500 crore scheme for toy manufacturing in India. This says a lot about the industry demand. 

If you are a creative person and can provide a good spin on soft toys, it is time that you get started with this business idea. Unique designs that are relatable can work wonders for your business. 

All you need is stuffing material, unique designs and stitching techniques. 

Suitable For: 

  • Women who are good at finding new ideas for play dates. 
  • People who know about soft toys industry 
  • Someone with an existing manufacturing setup. 


Success Stories: 


What are the best business ideas for women in fashion? 

Launching a brand of ethnic wears, casual clothing, handbags, footwears are some of the best business ideas for women in fashion. Look at Farda Clothing for example. 

What business should I start if I am crafty and want something outdoors? 

You can start with creating photo books, and then expand your business into a personalised gifting shop where you can create gifts for people on orders. 

What are the first steps to starting a business from home for ladies? 

As a woman, you should first find a solid idea, check its viability by testing your product, find a laywer or CA to understand compliances, negotiate with vendors to get supplies, and then launch your products online. You can check out this detailed guide on starting a business online or start a Shopify store to start setting online and use Instagram or any other social media platform to promote your business.

Where to find the best business ideas that I can start while staying at home? 

If you want to explore business ideas to get started, start browsing the internet, check out this business ideas directory, or use your Instagram sessions to find a problem you can solve. If many people are having a problem, you can start a business by solving that problem. 

Your Next Step Should Be...

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Once you're clear in your head, you should probably think of launching your:

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