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Best Oven for Home Bakers in India [2023 Buying Guide]


Rohit bought a high-end oven to start his home bakery business after finding this low-cost business idea online. The online reviews made him confident that the oven he chose was perfect for his needs. But sadly, online reviews can be deceiving - mostly because everyone…


9 Powerful Shopify Alternatives in India [Updated LTDs]


Shopify is working great for many businesses around the globe. It has allowed people to run their online stores with ease, making scaling an achievable dream. But for many small businesses in India, Shopify hasn't been the most affordable eCommerce website solution. In fact, maintaining a…

low investment business ideas for women in India

25+ Small Business Ideas for Women in India [Updated for 2023]


Namrata was a born chef and was famous in her society for her amazing cooking skills. Like every other household in the country, she happily spent hours in the kitchen, blushing every time someone praised her cooking skills. All was good till 2020 lockdown, when…

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Helping Small Businesses in India


We all know at least 3 businesses who could use our help. It maybe your relative's Instagram handle that needs more orders, or your pados wala kirana store waiting for things to get better, or the tiffin wala you love who always shares their pain…