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Write for Bizlite Small Business Owners in India


Your local kirana wale uncle, the stationery shop you frequented in your childhood, and a million other businesses are struggling to make ends meet, every day. 

Apparently, it’s not a crisis worthy of regular coverage or attention from the frontline media. 

Small businesses need help from us — marketers, writers, digital geeks, and the youth to help themselves get ready for the present and the future. 

I am writing to help these small business owners sail the ‘digitization’ wave without drowning in the sea of information overload. 

Here are the initiatives and topics the Bizlite Blog is most committed towards: 

  • Starting a business in India
  • Challenges faced by first time entrepreneurs in India 
  • Small biz digitization 
  • Making the most out of digitization opportunity 



Here’s how you can help: 

  • Have an idea to write something around the challenges of small business in India? Pitch me your blog idea. 
  • Want to tell your story to the world as a small business owner? Share your details here, and I’ll feature you. 
  • Feel for the cause and have a decent social media following? I could use all the help to distribute information around Small businesses in India. Email me
  • Love researching around business ideas? Email me your best research work and I might end up hiring you. :) 

I started this initiative to help small biz and solopreneurs as a side project during the lockdown but I feel the reasons deserve more attention now. Currently, I am building this resource hub in English, but I do have plans to translate it into regional languages. 

If you’d like to contribute to the mission to help small business owners, write to me at