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Smallbiz India Lifeline: Taking the 'left-outs' along...

Small businesses are real India's lifeline. Small biz owners feel themselves at crossroads in a digital economy. They don't want to be feel as 'left-outs'. But are failing fast, often overlooked, and mostly underserved in 2022. 

And still, almost all small business owners are hopeless for the future. 

So much so that their contribution in the economy has shrunk to a mere 15-20% in just three years.

Yes, it’s a positive change to an extent — we’re transitioning into a formal economy, everything’s being digitized, and more. But this lifeline is dying.

Many business owners are concerned about their future, others are quitting. And almost all small businesses are crying foul since demonetization. First Demonetization, then GST, then COVID. There are always talk of ‘mandi’ (slow recession) in the market, especially by small businesses. They're finding it hard to cope up, let alone grow. For many, their whole survival is at stake. 

If you're also struggling for survival and growth, this page is for you. 

The last decade hasn’t been much helpful for a small business in India. But we are known to be 'jugaadu' and enterprising. 

There are a million challenges, but there are a few things every small businesses owner has— years of operational understanding, and personal relationships with customers. All these 'strengths' can be their way out to growth. 

Many businesses have transitioned to the digital. But  a large number of small businesses aversive to the ‘online way’, mostly boomers and old aged businessmen.

This page is my attempt at serving and helping small business owners like you. It is about time that you stop feeling left out, take things in your own hands, and enjoy the benefits of a connected, digital, and a booming economy. 

I’ll keep updating this page with resources, information, tips, and hacks to turn your small business around without wasting a lot of time, money or resources.

PS: I won’t pitch you building a fancy website, start digital marketing, or sell on amazon (or similar solutions). That’s a promise. 


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