Anmol Ratan Sachdeva

Anmol Ratan Sachdeva (129)

Anmol writes to help early-stage startups, businesses and aspiring entrepreneurs build, improve and grow their ventures.

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Helping Small Businesses in India


We all know at least 3 businesses who could use our help. It maybe your relative's Instagram handle that needs more orders, or your pados wala kirana store waiting for things to get better, or the tiffin wala you love who always shares their pain…

9 ways to fund your business idea in India


Meme— tu jaanta nahi mera baap kaun hwi If you've been uttering the same all your adult life, maybe it's time to let the world know who backs you, after all. Financing your idea through a friends and family round is a legit idea. Many…

What is a Small Business in India? 

Start a Business

If you google what is a small business in India, you’d find out that according to the MSME Ministry any service sector unit with an investment of INR 2 crore or less. Or a manufacturing unit with less than 5 crore investment in plant and…