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What is ClosersCopy - The AI Writing Assistant with a Lifetime Plan

Since the launch GPT-3 in May 2020, hundreds of AI writing tools have been selling lifetime deals on websites like AppSumo.

Some ran marketing campaigns on Facebook while others promoted themselves as a revolution in the world of content creation. 

Though each tool was cut from the same cloth and worked on GPT-3, initially, many like Jasper.AI (previously Jarvis), Copy.AI, and ClosersCopy built their own AI models to move a step ahead of the lot. 

Today, in the AI content creation software crowd, only a few deserve a respectful mention like ClosersCopy.

The reason is simple: ClosersCopy has invested a lot of time, money, and energy to solve the most significant pain points of creating content.

It gave users the power to train their own AI algorithms and made sure to improvise the use cases on the go. In this blog, let's look at why the ClosersCopy lifetime deal is one of the best investments you can make if you want to excel in this era of consistent content creation. 


What is ClosersCopy? 

ClosersCopy is an advanced AI writing software that's better than any other GPT-3 based AI writing tool. Unlike other GPT-3 AI writing tools, ClosersCopy doesn't just look at 'content' from just writing perspective. 

Instead, it is a total powerhouse that allows anyone to create 'professional-grade' marketing copy, blog, video script, landing page content, and more like you've hired your agency. 

The best part: ClosersCopy isn't limiting and restrictive. If you don't like what CC generates for you, you can feed it instructions that you want to follow. It's like having your own AI bot that listens and follows instructions. 

Remember Jarvis from Ironman?

Think of CC as your AI bot trained to make you feel like a marketing superhero. 

How does ClosersCopy work? 

ClosersCopy started like any other AI writing tool that utilized GPT-3 by OpenAI for content generation.

But over the months, its developer enhanced the capabilities of GPT-3 and introduced three proprietary AI models: 

  • SalesAI: Trained and developed to write sales collaterals like sales pages, ad copies, marketing emails, Facebook Ads, landing pages, etc. 
  • BlogAI: Trained to write articles, blogs, press releases, and content that ranks on search engines.  
  • StoryAI: Trained to create elaborate storylines and narratives suitable for fiction writing.  

If you've previously used any AI copywriting tools, you'd know their limitations. Most tools rely on open-source GPT-3, which isn't the most suitable AI solution for content creation. The reason you keep hearing about the problems with AI content. But ClosersCopy is a step ahead. 

Nico Engler - the founder and chief developer of ClosersCopy, started just like any other GPT-3 AI content creator with 'Expand', 'Complete', and 'Longform' modules within the AI tool.

But he continuously develops each feature to create dedicated AI engines, which are not available to the users within the CC dashboard as three different models. 

One can use these models to create AI content based on their requirements.

Here's a quick walkthrough of how you can use ClosersCopy and its readymade frameworks for content creation: 


Having three different AI models is a unique offering that separates ClosersCopy from other AI content creation tools. And maybe that's why the ClosersCopy lifetime deal has become so popular over the last few months. 

If you look at its official Facebook community, you'd see how active users use CC to create content, rank their blogs on Google, launch landing pages for marketing campaigns, and more. 

And that's the best part; you can use ClosersCopy for any content creation or copywriting needs without burning a hole in your pocket.

The lifetime deal on ClosersCopy makes it a powerful yet affordable Jarvis.AI alternative for solopreneurs and marketers who want to try their hands at AI content creation. 

Buy ClosersCopy Lifetime Now

ClosersCopy Useful Features


  • SEO Audits: CC now has an inbuilt SEO audit tool comparable to SurferSEO (and sometimes even better). This makes it pretty useful for bloggers who want to use AI for creating high-ranking blogs and get insights and forecasts on how their blog draft would perform among first-page search engine results. 
  • Lifetime Unlimited Updates: If you buy the ClosersCopy lifetime deal, you will get unlimited runs, unlimited SEO audits, generations, and endless updates. This is just like you'd get the best for no additional cost. Looking at the way CC is evolving, this is definitely a worthy investment for the future. 
  • SEO Planner: Ever felt like procrastinating blog research and outline making when you look at a blank Google Doc? The SEO planner feature will help you create the perfect outline for your next blog. You must have seen tools like Frase, Blogely that speed up blog research and outlining. CC has in-built functionality to help you do that. 
  • Longform: The long-form module is by far the best if you're always in a hurry. Longform allows you to create full-featured blogs, landing pages, and more using the pre-configured commands like 'Explain', FAQs, Paragraph Generator, etc. You can just add context to the long-form widget and get going with your writing. No more blank pages anymore. 
  • Readymade Frameworks: Frameworks work like ready-to-use templates that you can use for copywriting and creating content instantly. It's like feeding information to the AI and waiting while it does some magic. You just have to click a few buttons. CC has 700+ frameworks across different use cases and applications for you to access freely. 
  • Workflows: Ever feel like following guided steps to create your copy or content? Well, use the workflow builder inside CC to weave multiple frameworks into an SOP to create the perfect piece faster. 
  • NLP Insights: Use the NLP insights for a detailed analysis of how your writing will be perceived by human readers. This powerful tool would help your AI-written content stand out and serve the searcher's intent properly. 
  • Readability Checker: CC has an inbuilt readability checker that allows you to check the readability grade, just like Hemingway App. So, no need to switch tabs for editing or to improve your content. 
  • Theasurars: CC also supports Thesurars dictionary so you can look up new words (or meanings) without having to Google things repeatedly. It will save you a lot of time if you're pretty deep into writing. Trust me! 
  • Framework Creator: Create your own frameworks and train the AI to write emails, articles, or anything that you want. Contribute to the framework library and/or use frameworks shared by others to speed up your business content creation efforts. 
  • Emotions Analyzer: AI would never understand emotions. But you won't face the same problem with CC. With an in-built analyzer, you can run a quick analysis on the way your final piece will be perceived by a human reader. The analysis would help you tweak your tone and ensure you're on point every single time. 
  • Team Projects: All CC plans (apart from the Solopreneur plan) come with support for 1-5 team members. So, you can offer your team members access to a particular project (a copywriter, designer, or manager), and they can use all the in-built capabilities of CC to speed up content creation. 
  • 128+ Languages: CC offers support for more than 128 languages, including Chinese, Hindi, Bengali, Dutch, French, German, Kannada, etc. Who said AI could only write in English?
  • Plagiarism Checker: CC can integrate to Copyscape premium, so you don't have to switch between windows to check if the generated content has traces of plagiarism.  

ClosersCopy vs Jasper.AI: Which AI Writing Tool is Better? 

ClosersCopy and Jarvis (or are both powerful AI writing tools. Though Jasper.AI's boss mode is really powerful (and makes life easy), ClosersCopy isn't much far behind. The continuous addition of features to ClosersCopy is giving Jasper a close fight. 

Moreover, ClosersCopy comes with a lifetime deal while is available for use with a monthly pricing model which might not be ideal for every small business/entrepreneur who is just starting up. 

If we compare both on their features, capabilities, cost, and utility, ClosersCopy isn't much different. You can feel that Jasper has a more intuitive UI but if you learn how to train your own frameworks (and can manage with the UI), ClosersCopy would be a better deal overall. 

ClosersCopy vs Rytr: Which AI Writing Tool is Better? 

Rytr is a great AI tool for generating content for any website. You give it topics and suggestions, and it churns out high-quality content on those subjects for you! It’s fast, and reliable, and the articles are well-written. It's extension (and ability to use anywhere) is pretty dope. 

But if you compare it with ClosersCopy, you'll feel it lacks certain features. It just feels like an amped up version of OpenAI playground (with some basic features and pre-trained use cases)

While Rytr has 30+ use cases, but the capability of ClosersCopy to train your own frameworks takes it a way ahead of writer. Moreover, ClosersCopy's lifetime plan is pretty generous so you can virtually use it without any limits or restrictions. 

ClosersCopy Plans & Pricing

 ClosersCopy is available for you to buy on subscription as well for a one-time fee. Here are the monthly plans: 

But wait!

There's more to it. 

CC's developer Nico Engler is an amazing SaaS founder who believes in empowering solo founders and startup owners with a limited budget.

So, there's even a Superpower Plan for solopreneurs as a heavily discounted price of just $232 one-time (use this link and apply code 'LIFETIME15' at checkout to get the special price).  

You can also pick up higher plans if you plan to share ClosersCopy access with your team members (Details below) 

At this price, won't be wrong to say that the ClosersCopy lifetime deal is one of the best LTD deals out there on any SaaS tool as it gives you the power to use the tool as you like, without any limits or restrictions. 


ClosersCopy Lifetime Deal: Discounts, Offers & Coupons 

ClosersCopy is currently running a promotion offer on completing 2 years since it launched. You can use the discount code below to get 15% extra discount on ClosersCopy lifetime plan. 

ClosersCopy Coupon Code June 2022: Use code LIFETIME15 to get 15% extra discount on ClosersCopy lifetime

ClosersCopy Coupon Code August 2022: Use the coupon code DRAFTS and save 22% TODAY.

This is by far the best price you will get for a tool like ClosersCopy.

But wait, if you're a one person company (or a solopreneur), the founder of ClosersCopy has floated a special offer on ClosersCopy Lifetime Deal as a solo plan.

Instead of shelling out $397, you can use ClosersCopy for yourself by paying just $297 one time. Apply code 'DRAFTS' and this price would come down to just $232. 

There's more - you can pay this amount in 3 easy installments too. Even from India. Check out ClosersCopy pricing page for more information. 

So, what are you waiting for? Use code DRAFTS to buy ClosersCopy today. 

Already bought ClosersCopy? Don't forget to try pre-trained AI bots by HeyFinch. 



1. Are there any discounts on the Closerscopy Lifetime deal? 

Yes. CC LTD comes at a discounted price of $297 for solopreneurs and one-person businesses. Additionally, you can use the code LIFETIME15 to get 15% extra discount on ClosersCopy lifetime deal. This will bring down the price to $232 for a solo plan which isn't bad, considering unlimited updates and the power to create your own AI frameworks. 

2. Can I write product descriptions using ClosersCopy? 

Yes. CC can be used to write descriptive as well as storytelling-based product descriptions. Check out the community frameworks for 'Product Description' Framework or go through this Facebook post by Aura Gatton to get direct access to an exciting framework to write great product descriptions for your eCommerce store or affiliate blog. 

3. Does Closerscopy Lifetime Deal includes future updates? 

Yes. The SuperPower and SuperPower Squad lifetime plans come with all future upgrades. Considering it is just $100 more than the Power Plan, you shouldn't miss it. I was on Power Plan (Pro, previously) and migrated to a higher plan just to get unlimited future updates. And trust me, the additional payment is worth the investment. 

4. How can a marketer save time with ClosersCopy? 

ClosersCopy is an innovative tool that enables you to create professional sales copy for your website. It automates the entire process of creating and testing a sales page from beginning to end. ClosersCopy has been developed after careful deliberations and tweaks to the available GPT-3 technology, making it suitable for marketing copy creation. The Sales AI model within CC is specifically tuned to create sales and marketing collaterals, saving a lot of time for any marketers wanting to do A/B tests and launch marketing campaigns at scale without being stuck because of content creation.  

5. Should you buy the ClosersCopy lifetime deal after Google's comment about AI-generated content?

Google recently commented that it might penalize websites that will use AI-generated content. But the irony of the statement is that Google is using AI to beat AI. So, in the long run, it will be all about whose AI is more powerful. And proprietary algorithms like the ones within ClosersCopy aren't less than Google. Google hasn't gave any timeline on how and when it will deal with AI. So, we can safely say that AI is here to stay for the time being. The best way to use AI for content creation is to edit everything, add references, and include a personal touch while leveraging an AI writing tool like ClosersCopy. 

6. What all can you write using the ClosersCopy AI writing tool? 

The ClosersCopy AI writing tool has been designed to help writers produce unique content for a variety of platforms, use cases, and applications. Whether you're a blogger, have a website, or are a digital marketing professional, you must have been stuck at some point struggling to pin down the right words. With ClosersCopy, you can unblock your writer's block and create web copy, ad copy, blogs, social media posts, stories, sales newsletters, email marketing campaign content, pitch deck content, and whatnot. With its long-form editor and framework creator, you can practically make AI dance at your fingertips and write whatever you need. 

7. How many readymade tools and templates are currently available inside ClosersCopy as frameworks? 

At the time of writing, there are more than 700 frameworks (including community frameworks) that you can use out of the box as soon as you purchase the CC lifetime deal. Apart from it, you can use the workflow library and in-built tools within ClosersCopy that are powerful enough to make you a master copywriter. 

8. Can I see how ClosersCopy frameworks work without signing up for a lifetime deal or a paid plan? 

Yes, you can. Head over the HeyFinch's blog section, which has several AI framework training samples as well as tutorials on how you can train your own frameworks using AI. Alternatively, you can check videos by Nico Engler or Aura Gatton to understand more about the CC framework module and how to make the most out of this amazing AI writing suite. 

9. Does ClosersCopy work for Mac & PC?

Yes. CC works across multiple devices, including Macbook, Windows PC, iPad and even mobile devices. Though compatibility on mobiles is an issue, the developer has soon promised updates that would make it work seamlessly on mobiles, too. 

10. How to use the ClosersCopy Lifetime Deal?

You can visit the ClosersCopy lifetime deal page to buy your own subscription as per your need. Just pick a plan and start using this amazing software to supercharge your copywriting and marketing efforts. 


Verdict: Should You Buy ClosersCopy Lifetime Deal? 

Tools like ClosersCopy are developed to enhance productivity of a human marketer and you shouldn't look at it otherwise.

Instead, leverage such a tool to enhance your capabilities, become a better marketer, and achieve your goals, without the fuss. 

I have been a long-time marketer who has old-school mindset but again, change is the only constant. So, it's definintely good to give such tools a try. Who knows, what you end up achieving with a tool like this? 

More questions? Head over to the official ClosersCopy community


Ready to Buy?

Use this link + discount code LIFETIME15 to get 15% extra discount on all ClosersCopy plans including the lifetime deal. 






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