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Hammer Lifestyle — Worthy boAt Competitor that’s Now Killing it in Style 


Hammer Lifestyle is a D2C electronics brand that sells headphones, smartwatches, electric toothbrushes, and several other smart gadgets via it’s Shopify store. Hammer came to the tank in Episode 15 of Shark Tank India and managed to get 1 crore in exchange for 40% equity. 

Hammer Lifestyle created headlines just after its appearance on Shark Tank India. Mainly because of a lowball offer by Aman Gupta and the inclination of the founder to sell off the brand to the boAt co-founder on the show. 

But in the end, sanity prevailed, and today, Hammer Lifestyle is now a flourishing brand after the investment by Aman Gupta and offers a wide range of athleisure products, earphones, headphones, and more.

Hammer Lifestyle: Brief Brand Profile 

Hammer Lifestyle’s founder, Rohit Nandwani, started this brand in 2019 as India’s first Athleisure brand.

A competitor of boAt — Aman Gupta’s company, Hammer Lifestyle is popular for its wireless earbuds, headphones, smartwatches, and even electric toothbrushes. 


Hammer Lifestyle Product Portfolio 


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Hammer Lifestyle: Brand Trivia

  • Company Name: Hammer Lifestyle Pvt. Ltd. 
  • Founders: Rohit Nandwani
  • Address: Hammer Lifestyle Pvt Ltd, SCO - 3,4 Sec.-25 Part-1, Behind Malik Petrol Pump, Panipat, Haryana Pin- 132103
  • Email:
  • Website:
  • Hammer Customer Care Number: +91-9991108081
  • Hammer Service Center Details: Ringtel Marketing, SCO 3-4, Sec-25 (T N), Behind Malik Petrol Pump, Panipat HR 132103

Hammer Headphones Owner

Rohit Nandwani is the owner of Hammer Lifestyle. According to the pitch on Shark Tank India, they built the company from scratch and got mild success. Rohit was seen as a meek entrepreneur but he told that he is pretty ambitious and confident of success of the Hammer brand. According to public sources, Rohit Nandwani’s net worth is in excess of over a million dollars. However, this is unverified info. 

Rohit Nandwani regularly shares updates about brand achievements and success on his LinkedIn profile.

Hammer Lifestyle on Shark Tank India

Hammer Lifestyle had an interesting time in the tank and got Aman Gupta on board. Since then, their growth has been phenomenal. 

Before Shark Tank India, Hammer Lifestyle clocked a monthly sales revenue of INR 70L with website traffic of approximately 30k visitors. Since Hammer’s appearance on Shark Tank India, they’ve achieved a monthly sales revenue of INR 2 Crore. They’ve even expanded their range of products from 14 to 21 SKUs and started offline distribution. 

Seems like all predictions of the brand going to dust on the tank after Rohit accepted the deal were a bust. 


Seems like all predictions of the brand going to dust after Rohit accepted Aman Gupta’s deal were a bust as Hammer is growing strong in 2022. 


FAQs about Hammer Lifestyle in India

  • Is Hammer a good brand for earphones? 

Yes. Hammer is a quality brand that manufactures earphones, including wireless earphones. It offers a wide range of wireless earphones that you can buy from its official website. You can check out Hammer’s earphone range here

  • Who is the CEO of Hammer Company after Shark Tank India? 

Rohit Nandwani is the founder and CEO of Hammer Lifestyle, even after Shark Tank investment. The founder continues to conduct day-to-day operations, busy in growing the company’s revenues, as evident by his LinkedIn posts. 

  • Did Aman Gupta buy Hammer on Shark Tank India? 

Aman Gupta — the co-founder of boAt offered to buy 100% stake in Hammer Lifestyle but wasn’t successful in buying the whole company. He ended up buying 40% stake in Hammer Lifestyle for a price of INR 1 crore. More details here. 

  • What happened to Hammer company after Shark Tank India? 

Hammer has been on a massive growth curve ever since it came on Shark Tank. Recently, Hammer’s founder shared publicly on LinkedIn how Hammer was able to generate 1 crore revenue in just one single day. You can read more about the success story + more details about Hammer operations in this LinkedIn post. 

  • Is Hammer owned by boAt? 

Hammer was featured on Episode 15 of Shark Tank India where Aman Gupta offered to buy the whole company. However, the negotiations ended up for 40% of stake. So, yes, Aman Gupta, the co-founder of boAt owns 40% stake in Hammer, but Hammer isn’t entirely owned by boAt. 

Hammer is a popular brand with a Shopify Store in India.

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