3 Tips to Create Memorable & Share-worthy Content for Your Blog

I believe content marketing is a lot about engaging your target audience through content that matters to them. While a lot of businesses are harnessing this approach to boost their sales, there are a lot of insights for bloggers to learn from the content marketing approach.

A while back, I was
talking to one of my friends who is an active blogger. While he was happy to blog
about his favorite topics, making his blog popular on social media was the one thing
he was struggling at. And why not he should be?

According to WordPress, 70 million blog posts are
published every month. With so much for a modern-day internet user to consume,
how should someone ensure that his blog is seen, read and shared?

I recommended my blogger friend tweak his content development process a bit so that his content can become more share-worthy. After suggesting him these tweaks, I thought why not to document the same for others to benefit from? So, here are 3 tips that I believe will help you create shareable content for your blog:

1.    Sail Against the Tide

A while back, while replying to someone’s question on Quora,
I suggested the skyscraper technique to create
blog posts. This technique involves identifying already popular blog posts in
your niche and creating a blog on the same topic with value-addition that was
not on the original blog.

In theory, it is
assumed that a content piece which has performed well in the past, has the
potential to perform even better when topped with more value. Though it seems
pragmatic, the main challenge of getting traction is not solved by this.

Instead of creating
a blog about an acceptable fact or a famous notion, why not create something
that is completely the opposite. I call this practice ‘sailing against the tide’.
Instead of supporting a popular opinion, you should create content that sees
the same notion from a different angle.

When everyone is
talking about benefits of something, you should talk about the cons. This can
bring a lot of attention to your blog instantly.

For example, many tech
leaders believe that it’s time for humanity to explore alternative habitats for
survival in case of a catastrophe. From Elon Musk to Jeff Bezos, everyone is eager
to leave earth. Naturally, they have many supporters too.

So, why don’t you
start writing about how we can revive the earth back and adopt more sustainable

You can ask for influencers in your niche to support your claim and that’s how you will gain traction. The internet loves controversies and alternative notions. By adding a twist to an acceptable notion, you can get a lot of traffic and backlinks.

Things to Keep in Mind before Sailing Against The Tide

Before you start
penning your ideas, it is important you support your anti-claim with credible
data. As I suggested, you can interview industry veterans and add their
responses to back up your claim. If you want to adopt this technique, here is
how you can do it:

Step 1: Identify a popular belief or opinion in your

Step 2: Contradict the idea by flipping the
accepted notion.

Step 3: Research online to find if your theory has
been published before. (If it has been published, time to go back to step one)

Step 4: Back up your claim with credible data like
survey results, statistics or case studies.  

2.     Cite, Quote, Refer, Link

For any blogger- professional
or amateur, reaching out to the maximum number of readers is one of the ultimate
goals. Naturally, for that, you need to give out to the community.

While you create a
blog post, it is important to cite already available resources, quote industry
influencers and link your content to already published pieces on the internet. That
way, you are not only offering others valuable backlinks but also have an
opportunity to engage with the people you add to your blog.

Recently, I published a blog post on why it is important to regularly publish on your blog. During my research, I came across a tweet by Christoph Trappe, who is one of the leading content marketers in the world. I thought of quoting him in my blog and reached out to him about the same. Not only he agreed to be included in the post, but he also retweeted my blog on his twitter handle which is followed by 71.2k followers. Here is the tweet’s analytics. One retweet by him helped me gain several thousand impressions.

Twitter Analytics Dashboard a week after Retweet by Christoph

So, the next time
you have something to share on your blog, take out some time to see what others
are saying about the topic, quote them, link to their blogs. If you are lucky you
may hit a digital gold mine that will bring quality backlinks, social
engagement and a lot more.

3.    What’s on Offer?

Readers nowadays are
quite thoughtful about the benefits they receive from engaging in an activity.
Naturally, your blog visitors might want something of value from your blog. Instead
of just giving them an answer to their question via a blog post, why not try to
engage them with something on offer.

You can ask them to subscribe
to your blog for getting relevant content in the future. Or you can create a complementing
content offer attached to every blog. For example, if you are writing about how
to pack your backpack for next trip to Europe, you can add a packing checklist for
readers at the end of your blog. That way, they would always stick to the last
part and in return share it with others who might be in need of such a

Wrapping Up

So, that’s it from
my end for today. I have tried to be quite objective in drafting this post by providing
real-life examples. Try out these tactics to create shareworthy blog posts and don’t
forget to drop your blog links in the comments. I would love to read them out
and provide more suggestions, in case you need them.

Anmol Ratan Sachdeva

Anmol writes to help early-stage startups, businesses and aspiring entrepreneurs build, improve and grow their ventures.