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Shark Tank India Season 2 Episode 2: Very Much Indian, Watchout Wearables, SoupX

shark tank india - episode 2 - season 2

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Shark Tank India's Season 2 Episode 2 brings 3 exciting brands- traditionally Woven Ethnic Saree brand, a smart watch brand for children, a healthy soup brand.

Check out the exciting promo where all the sharks are set to fund an inspiring entrepreneur. Have a look below to find out: 

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Very Much Indian

Based in Yeola, Maharashtra, the brand traditionally weaves Ethnic Sarees. The brand offers sarees in various fabrics like cotton, linen, silks and blended with artistic motifs like peacock, kashida etc on sarees.

Founders: Slony Gambhir and Manish 

Very Much Indian Product Portfolio: 

  • Paithani Sarees
  • Resham Khun Saree 
  • Pure Silk Saree
  • Pure Cotton 
  • Linen 
  • Bandhani Sarees 

More info at

Very Much Indian Ask from the Sharks in Shark Tank India

₹50 Lakhs for 3% Equity 


Pitch: Did Very Much Indian Get Funding from the Sharks at Shark Tank India? 

The discussion started when Slony explained about handloom and traditional sarees, especially Paithani sarees. Vineeta and Namita tried on two different sarees which really looked pretty. 

The brand's sales figures were as below

  • First year sale - 16-17 lakhs 
  • Second Year - 20 lakhs
  • FY 20-21 - 65 lakhs 
  • Projection for this year is  2 crore 

Offers for Very Much Indian at Shark Tank India

Offer 1: Namita: ₹50 Lakhs at 10% equity Valuation - ₹5 Crores

Peyush, Vineeta, Anupam were out because Namita had already offered. Also, Anupam says that GenZ does not care about the saree, so you will have to market your category. 

Offer 2: : Namita and Aman: 50 Lakhs for 10% equity, Valuation - 5 crores 

Counter offer by Manish and Slony - 75 Lakhs for 10% equity

Final Verdict - How Much Did Very Much Indian Get at Shark Tank India? 

75 lakhs for 10% equity  valuation - 5 crores, deal closed by Aman and Namita 

Watchout Wearables 

A child’s smartwatch brand that promises safety, curiosity and connectivity. 

Founder: Abhisek Baheti 

Watchout Wearables Product Portfolio: 

  • Next Gen Kids Smartwatch 
  • Senior Citizen Smartwatch 

More Details at

Watchout Wearables Social Media Links: 


Watchout Wearables Ask from the Sharks in Shark Tank India

2 crores for 2% equity at a valuation of INR 40 Crore. 

Discussion: Did Watchout Wearables Get Funding from the Sharks at Shark Tank India? 

The discussion started where Divyajeet was a customer who introduced the utility of the product. 

Key Highlights

Aman suggested putting down the price of the watch will increase your market. Namita asks to focus on safety and reduce useless features in the watch 


Offers for Watchout Wearables at Shark Tank India

Offer 1: Anupam and Vineeta: 1 crore for 10% equity & 1 crore debt @ 15% interest 

Counter offer by founder -  1 cr for 5% equity - valuation - 20 cr 

Anupam and Vineeta are not convinced so the founder gave another counter offer 1 cr for 10% equity & 1 cr debt @7.5% interest 

Final Verdict: How Much Did Watchout Wearbles Get at Shark Tank India Episode 2

1 crore for 10% equity & 1 crore debt @ 15% interest from Anupam and Vineeta. 



Fresh, calorie-conscious, zero preservatives soup brand. Started in December 2021. SoupX offers 99+ variety of healthy soups and is available on demand or through subscription. 

Founders: Priyank Jain and Uttam Kumar 


SoupX Product Portfolio: 

  • Soups
  • Sandwiches
  • Salads
  • Whole Wheat Pasta
  • Smoothies
  • Oatmeal 

More details at

SoupX Social Media Links

SoupX Ask from the Sharks in Shark Tank India

75 lakhs for 6% equity


Discussion: Did SoupX Get Funding from the Sharks at Shark Tank India? 

The discussion started from Priyank and Uttam Kumar background and from where did they get the idea of offering healthy soups to people who are looking for a healthy alternative to maintain their healthy lifestyle. 

The sharks tasted the soup and Aman did not like the taste. Anupam said that they need to work on their fundamentals as they do not have that much knowledge to continue in the health business. 

Namita found it too sweet. Peyush and Vineeta liked their soups. 

Vineeta wanted to know their soup's nutritional value and the founders were not able to understand the question. Anupam was not impressed by their knowledge on the health industry. 

Knowledge quotient was low to be in the health industry and the facts stated by the founders were wrong. 

The whole pitch felt like a last-moment exam preparation, where founders were not clear about their fundamentals. Though they shared their sales figures, which were as below: 

Sales last year - 8 lakhs

last to last year - 7 lakhs sale  

Year before - 5.9 lakhs 

The brand is available on Swiggy and Zomato, which accounted for 80-85% sales share. The gross margin stood at 45%, as informed by the founders. 

But due to their expenses, they were burning a lot of money, approx 1-1.5 Lakhs and founders resorted to moonlighting  to sustain their business. 

Peyush was impressed by the innocence of the founders but other sharks were not convinced. 

Aman was not impressed because of the burn ratio. Namita did not offer because of shallow knowledge, she finds the soup too sweet 

Vineeta was out because she did not find the conviction because they moonlight instead of trying to spend more time on growing the business.  

Offers for SoupX at Shark Tank India

Offer 1: Vineeta’s offer: 50 lakhs for 20% equity & 25 lakh debt @12% interest, Valuation - 2.5 crores with a condition that founders will work full time on the business. She advises you to learn about the health industry. Gain more knowledge. 

Counter offer by the founders: 50 lakhs for 18% equity, 25 lakh debt for 12 interest 

Final Verdict: How Much Did SoupX get at Shark Tank India. 

50 lakhs for 18% equity, 25 lakh debt for 12 interest from Vineeta. 


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