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Shark Tank India Episode 22: HairOriginals, Poo De Cologne, Moonshine Meads, Falhari


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On Shark Tank India Episode 22, we will see four brands - HairOriginals, PooDeCologne, Moonshine Meads, and Falhari. Let's look at these brands and see if they managed to impress the sharks at Shark Tank India. 


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HairOriginals - 


HairOriginals Brief Profile & Company Info

HairOriginals is a premium wigs and hair extensions brand that ethically sources high-quality human hair and creates stunning hair extensions products and wigs. They are known to procure raw Indian human hairs from temples in India. 

HairOriginals has been appreciated at major international platforms such as the World Hair Congress in France. The brand sells its products direct to customers (D2C) and also has a strong presence in luxury markets across Europe and the USA. 

Known for its diamond quality hair extension, HairOriginals is associated with famous hair stylists and fashion photographers such as Eric Maurice, Latil Pascal, and Laurent Voisinet. The brand is also the official partners for Elite Hair Training Academy, L'oreal, Schwarzkopf, and Helder Marucci Master Class. 

HairOriginals Products

  • Ear to Ear Volumizer 
  • Bangs
  • Side Pairs
  • Scalp Topper 
  • Wigs
  • Hair Extensions 
  • Color Streaks
  • Pony Tails

Browse for their products and buy now at: 

Hair Originals Social Media Links


HairOriginals Ask from the Sharks in Shark Tank India

Ask: 60L for 2% equity 


Discussion: Did HairOriginals Get Funding from the Sharks at Shark Tank India? 


Offers for HairOriginals at Shark Tank India

  • Offer 1: Aman & Vineeta - 60L for 6% equity 
  • Offer 2: Ashneer, Peyush & Anupam - 60L for 5% equity. 

Counter offer by Founders for Ashneer, Peyush & Aman: 60 lakhs for 4% equity

Aman and Vineeta revised their offer: 60 lakhs for 4% equity

Final Verdict


Got 60 lakhs for 4% equity from Ashneer, Peyush and Anupam



Poo De Cologne - 



Poo De Cologne Brief Profile & Company Intro

Brought to markets by Essentially Happy Marketing, Poo De Cologne is a 'pre-toilet spray' that one can use before going to the toilet. 

Poo De Cologne is the brainchild of Aditi Talwar Sodhi, a successful brand strategist with over 20 years of brand building experience. The product wants people to feel confident after leaving the loo and show consideration to the next ones in queue (especially in case of public toilets). 

The product is made from pure essential oils and has no toxic chemicals, aerosols or synthetic fragrances. 

How Poo De Cologne Works? 

Poo De Cologne Product Range

  • Poopsie Daisy
  • Mask a Poo
  • Poop Essentials
  • Poops a Lot
  • Pooparazzi 

Available on Amazon and their own website


Poo De Cologne Social Media Links

Poo De Cologne Ask from the Sharks in Shark Tank India

Ask: 75L for 5% equity 

Discussion: Did Poo De Cologne Get Funding from the Sharks at Shark Tank India? 


Offers for Poo De Cologne at Shark Tank India

Final Verdict

Got nothing from the sharks at Shark Tank India

Moonshine Meadery - 



Moonshine Meadery Brief Profile & Company Info


Moonshine Meadery Ask from the Sharks in Shark Tank India

Ask: 80 lakhs for 0.5% equity


Discussion: Did Moonshine Meadery get funding from the Sharks at Shark Tank India? 


Offers for Moonshine Meadery at Shark Tank India

2 offers: 

  • Offer 1: Anupam offers 80 lakhs for 2% equity
  • Offer 2: All shark offer 80 lakhs for 2.5% equity or 1 crore for 2.5% equity


Moonshine Meads counter offers 1.5 crore for 1% equity

The sharks are not interested in a counter. The founders rejected sharks offer. 

Final Verdict 

Got nothing - founders rejected sharks final offer. 


Falhari - 



Falhari Brief Profile & Company Intro

Falhari is a fruit bowl delivery service that offers fresh fruits, smoothies, juices, and more to health-conscious individuals and people who wanna adopt a healthy lifestyle. They deliver best-quality fruit bowls prepared fresh to be enjoyed as a pre-meal snack. 

Currently, they're operational in Delhi NCR and are available on Zomato, Swiggy and via their own website/mobile app. 

Falhari Range

  • Fruit singles
  • Fresh juices
  • Whole fruits
  • Vegan smoothies
  • Kombucha
  • Fruit yogurts
  • Fruit lassis
  • Nuts and seeds
  • Dry fruits


They also have subscription packages and are available through their website, mobile app and Zomato & Swiggy. Currently, they deliver across Delhi NCR.  


Falhari Social Media Links

Falhari Ask from the Sharks in Shark Tank India

50L for 2% equity 

Source: Shark Tank India Twitter Handle


Discussion: Did Falhari Get Funding from the Sharks at Shark Tank India? 


Offers for Falhari at Shark Tank India

Final Verdict

Got nothing from the sharks at Shark Tank India

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