5 Strong Reasons to Keep Your Content Funnel Active? (And How to Do It)

One of the most common client queries I have answered during my career involves them asking why should they consistently post on their blogs. They are more concerned about the cost of content development and most of the time try to cut corners by reducing the number of blog posts they publish per month.

They think they can bring down their investment towards content development but in reality, they are writing their own slow death.

A HubSpot study reveals that companies who published more than 16 blogs monthly receive 3.5x more traffic than companies who posted 0-4 blogs per month.

Source: HubSpot

Christoph Trappe, founder of Authentic Storytelling and
one of the leading content marketers in the world perfectly sums up the value
of consistency in the below tweet:

I guess I have made a strong point in favor of keeping a business’ content funnel active in the digital era. With millions of words being published every day, how can a business think of getting visibility by choosing to stay silent? That is why a business needs to be consistent and post regularly on their corporate blogs.

When a business chooses to make an effort in creating
and publishing valuable content on a regular basis, it enjoys dual benefits. At
the primary level, it is seen as a more competent domain authority on the
subject by prospects and also gets SEO advantages.

Relevancy, Thought
Leadership & Domain Authority Booster

In the digital era, visibility is the key to
success. When a business posts relevant & valuable content on their blog
regularly and distributes the same, it is investing in the process of grabbing
some eyeballs. At the same time, it is cementing its position as an expert in
the segment. Here are two reasons that support this notion:

1. You are the one to inform & update your target audience

You might be working in the automation
business or just operating a neighborhood bar. When you make a conscious effort
to update your blog with relevant industry content or latest updates, your
prospects, blog subscribers and readers get valuable information through you.
In a way, you become their source of gathering credible information.

If you continue this practice over
time, visitors will start engaging with your posts. Engagement is a
pre-requisite of returning visitors which transforms your website into an
authoritative source in the field. At the same time, when you post regularly, unassuming
visitors will be able to find you among millions of other competitors as you
have better chances of appearing higher in the search engine rankings.

2. Problem-solving Content Enhances Your Authority Potential

Nearly everyone in the digital
ecosystem is striving to transform themselves into a domain authority. Well,
not many are serious about making it possible, it seems. Domain authority
status can only be achieved when you continuously keep on adding value to a
reader’s life. This is done by creating information, value-rich and problem-solving
content related to your industry niche.

When you target the problems and
questions of your target audience through content, people come looking for
answers to your website. This makes you an authority figure in the eyes of Google’s
algorithm and it starts indexing more and more pages of your website, strengthening
your domain authority & improving your SEO rankings.

Improving Search
Engine Rankings

In this era where organic search is one of the
most lucrative sources of bringing traffic to a website for a business, search
engine rankings matter a lot. Well, regular content updates on your website can
help a business win this turf too.

See, when your content funnel is active, Google
gets more chances of indexing your website. Moreover, the latest algorithmic
updates at Google have started to give more weight to frequent content updates.
Here are more specifics about how consistency in content publishing offer SEO

3. Search engines like Frequently-updated websites

It is not a known fact that a search engine
like Google love websites that are relevant and brimming with valuable content.
Well, in a dynamic world where everything is changing with each passing moment,
you need to frequently update your website to stay relevant. Now you might be
thinking how can this be possible.

My business is same, my service offerings are
the same, what to do for publishing frequently to my website. Content funnel
takes care of this challenge. By helping you create industry-specific blogs,
client case studies, eBooks, writing about industry updates, your content funnel
can take care of this frequent update issue.

When you continue to add relevant content to
your websites, Google will start giving you more mileage than competitors with outdated
websites, giving your rankings a boost.

4. The More You Post, The More-often Your Website Gets Indexed

When you post fresh content to
your website such as articles, blogs, web pages or case studies, you come into
the eyes of search engines. Search engine starts crawling your website more
often to index new pages, posts and updates, which ultimately has a positive
impact on search engine rankings.

But posting frequently doesn’t mean
you start compromising with quality. Remember, if your content is of no value
to your target audience, even the search engines will not help. If you engage
in posting low-quality content filled with keywords, Google might even penalize
your website.

5. More the Content, More Chances of Keyword Coverage

Regular Posting gives you a chance to cover a
wide range of relevant keywords on your website. If you smartly infuse
high-ranking keywords in your valuable content, search engine algorithms will definitely
start working in your favor. This way, you will achieve high rankings among
search engine results which will lead to more visitors for your website.

Tips to Keep Your
Content Funnel Active

Now that you know why it is important for you
to stay active content-wise, here are a few tips for you to get started:

Start Working on a Documented Content Strategy

This will help you create a content calendar among other things and assign roles and responsibilities related to content creation, relevancy and publishing.

Focus on the Needs of your Customers

Content ideas can emerge from anywhere and everywhere. The best way is to keep a close eye on your existing consumers and target audience. What are their needs, goals, demands and aspirations? Can you address any of these through your products? Make them aware of the same by creating valuable content around it.

Keep an Eye on Competitors

Do businesses in
the same niche working on their content strategy? What about their blogs? If
they are writing something about an industry update before you, this means you
are not agile enough.

You need to let your consumers know about your worth. Try creating a strategy for gaining an advantage by identifying your competitor’s content publishing patterns.

Invest in Gathering User-generated Content

content is the new internet marketing obsession for businesses. When content comes
directly from those who are looking for it, it has higher chances of engaging the
target audience. If you are struggling to activate your content funnel, it’s a good
idea to gather user-generated content. Coca Cola, Netflix, Apple, BBC, Crown
Resorts and nearly every big brand is using this strategy nowadays. Learn more
about it here.

Wrapping Up

So, that’s it. That’s what I have been saying
to clients for a while now. When you are committed towards an honest purpose,
you will receive results. There are no shortcuts to long-term success. If you want
to grow, you will have to work on yourself and start hitting that ‘Publish’
button more often. Let me know your personal tips on how you keep your business’
content funnel active in the comments section.

Anmol Ratan Sachdeva

Anmol writes to help early-stage startups, businesses and aspiring entrepreneurs build, improve and grow their ventures.