The Ultimate Guide to Starting a Business In India as a Solopreneur

"Ideas are cheap. Only the ones who execute become successful." 

When the first idea came to your mind back in college, you thought you've sorted your life path. But did it happen? 

No. Right? 

Because you lacked the direction. Plus, you didn't have anyone by your side. Your friend who said he will help you out went off to the US the moment he was offered a job in Google. 

And here you are... stuck! 


Before you can dream about the perks of being an entrepreneur, you need to find an audience with some problems, build a solution and get your business registered. Here are a few resources to help you get started.   

Starter Business Ideas
(Coming Soon) 

  • Freelancing 
  • Launching a Digital Product
  • Book Review Website 
  • Dropshipping Store for Dog Lovers
  • Consulting Business (Funnel) 
  • Turning Your Expertise into Buisness
  • Launch Your Own Restaurant
  • Food Truck Business
  • Handicraft Store
  • Customized Health Bars 


Business Compliance

  • Do you Need GST to Get Started
  • How to Register & Launch Your Own Company? 
  • How to get an MSME License in Your State? 
  • Getting Online as a Small Business: Free Online Store for Shopkeepers 
  • How to Start You Shopify Store
  • How to Start instamojo store
  • Podcast for Business: How to Launch Your Own
  • How to Host Your Website for Free Virtually with Netlify
  • How to start your own blog
  • How to start a free website with free hosting
  • 5 Ways to Launch & Market Your newsletter from Scratch
  • How to Bring Your Restaurant Online (FB Marketing) 
  • How to Transform Your Hobby in Marketable Skill


How to Create, Launch & Market Your Brand Post Pandemic

Why I chose to Build a Newsletter from Scratch

Why Pay for Consulting : Best Approach for Starting Up in India


You've got everything to run your business. But won't it be better if you enhance it and take it to the next level? Here are a few ideas to improve your existing business and make it ready for the future (and more customers) 

  • Convert Your Instagram Small Business into a Real Business
  • Diversify Your Income as a Freelancer
  • Content Distribution 
  • Why Social Media Won't Cut; Here's what to do instead
  • Way to Create 3 Content Channels for Marketing
  • Best Way to Manage & Get Results from Freelancers 
  • Service Level Agreements 
  • Audience Before Platform
    How to Execute a Web Coopywriting Project
  • How to Use Positioning as a Weapon on Your Freelance Website
  • How to Structure Your Freelance Website
  • Crowsource Conntent for Fueling Your Content Strategy

5 Pitch Decks Every Startup Should Have

Launch Your Own Affiliate Program

Iterative Blogging: What is it and how to use it for your benefit

Should You Hire a Freelancer or Build an Inhouse Team 

Mindful Marketing: What is It

Parallel Brand: What How Why For Whom

Readiness for Marketing 



How to Promote Your Blog and Bring Leads on Autopilot

Growing with Content: 2020 & Beyond

Marketing is not only online

How to Promote an Organic Skincare Brand

How to Market a Book

New Tech & Marketing: Signal, Clubhouse, etc.

How Republishing on Medium can Help Your Business


  • The LinkedIn Experiment: Building a Community
  • Pillar Pages: Your Weapon in 2020
  • Reels on Insta: Is it worth it
  • Why Your Small Biz Should invest in Marketing










Resources to Help you Get Started 

When you have a lot on your plate (a solopreneur always have a lot), you need tools and strategies to succeed. Here's what I have for you: 



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