Business Personality

What does your personality tell you about starting a business? 

Is there a specific character that makes success easier for a business owner or entrepreneur. Well, I am no astrologer but I've keenly studied the association of MBTI personality types with entrepreneurship personality. 

Now imagine tapping into the psychology related to Jung's theory for guiding your career path and starting a business.

I am talking about knowing your MBTI personality type and using your strengths to build, improve and grow a business more effectively?

If you've always been curious about how your natural tendencies can align with your business aspirations, let's dive into the dynamics of your personality. 

The secret to your next business breakthrough be hidden in the fabric of your personality. Let's explore together.

What is Your MBTI Personality?

Ever wondered why you click with some business ideas more than others? It might be down to your MBTI personality.

This personality assessment divides people into 16 different types, giving you insights into how you perceive the world and make decisions. Knowing your type could be the key to unlocking a business that fits like a glove.

About MBTI: The MBTI test sorts people into categories based on how they gather information and make decisions, which can guide you towards a career path that resonates with your natural inclinations. Identifying your MBTI can reveal your best personality traits for entrepreneurship.

Knowing your personality type can help you with: 

  • Discovering Your Work Environment Fit: Certain personality types thrive in specific environments. For instance, an ISTP may prefer hands-on tasks, while an ENFP might excel in brainstorming sessions.

  • Identifying Strengths and Weaknesses: Knowing your type can highlight your strengths, like a strong work ethic or a knack for inspiring others, as well as areas you may need to work on or find support for.

  • Understanding Team Dynamics: If you know your type and those of your potential team, you can create a balanced work dynamic where everyone plays to their strengths, making your business more efficient and harmonious.

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Different MBTI Personality Types & Starting a Business

Understanding the Myers-Briggs personality types can shed light on your entrepreneurial strengths and blind spots. It's like having a personal guide for navigating the business world.

Whether you're an idea machine or a strategic thinker, your personality can influence your business approach. Here are the different business types and how they approach entrepreneurship.

Click the link (on the name) to know more about each personality and how to use your strengths for starting and growing a business idea. 

  • ISTJ: Known for their reliability, ISTJs bring a strong work ethic to their business ventures. If you're an ISTJ, you'll thrive in structured environments and are great at creating systems that ensure long-term success.

  • ISTP: Hands-on problem solvers, ISTPs excel in environments where they can work independently to fix issues. Your adaptability can be a boon for businesses needing quick, practical solutions.

  • ISFJ: The nurturing ISFJs often create a supportive work environment. You will likely excel in businesses where they can provide care or service to others, ensuring customer satisfaction.

  • ISFP: Creative and spontaneous, ISFPs are well-suited for artistic ventures. Your ability to stay true to their values helps in growing businesses that require authenticity and connection with customers.

  • INFJ: Visionaries at heart, INFJs can bring intensity and enthusiasm to causes they believe in. Your ideal business idea will often have a mission to create positive change.

  • INFP: Passionate and idealistic, INFPs are driven by their values. You're best suited for businesses that align with their personal beliefs and allow for creative expression.

  • INTJ: Strategic and innovative, INTJs are skilled at long-term planning. You'll often succeed in businesses requiring complex problem-solving and a forward-thinking approach.

  • INTP: INTPs are thinkers who enjoy exploring new ideas. You will do well in businesses that encourage innovative thinking and constant learning.

  • ESTP: Action-oriented and lively, ESTPs thrive in energetic environments. You are well-suited for businesses that involve risk-taking and require quick decision-making.

  • ESTJ: Organized and efficient, ESTJs excel in leadership roles. You're great at making sure everything runs smoothly in a business that values order and tradition.

  • ESFP: Charismatic and sociable, ESFPs shine in roles where they can entertain and engage with others. You're suited for businesses that value fun and connection.

  • ESFJ: Caring and attentive to the needs of others, ESFJs are fantastic at building customer relationships. Your business idea should have a strong community focus.

  • ENFP: ENFPs bring a wealth of enthusiasm and creativity. You will excel in businesses that allow for flexibility and the exploration of new ideas.

  • ENFJ: Charismatic leaders, ENFJs can motivate others behind a common goal. Your ability to connect with people is a valuable asset in any kind of business.

  • ENTP: Quick-witted and inventive, ENTPs are great at finding unconventional solutions to problems. You're best suited for businesses that challenge the status quo.

  • ENTJ: Confident and decisive, ENTJs are natural-born leaders. You're well-suited for businesses where they can set ambitious goals and lead teams to success.

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The Impact of Personality on Business Strategy

Understanding your personality type can be a game-changer in the world of entrepreneurship. How you make decisions, take risks, manage a team, and innovate are all influenced by your unique traits.

Let's dive into how the different facets of your character can shape your business approach and set you on the path to success.

  • Influence on Decision-Making: Your MBTI type can shape the way you process information and ultimately, the decisions you make. For instance, an INTJ, with their analytical mindset, might focus on data-driven choices, while an ENFP's creative flair could lead to more outside-the-box thinking.

  • Risk-Taking Propensities: The willingness to take risks varies among personality types. An ISTP might thrive on the adrenaline of high-stakes situations, while an ISFJ may prefer to weigh the potential outcomes meticulously before leaping.

  • Approaches to Team Management: Your management style can resonate well with certain team dynamics. An ESTJ's structured approach can maximize efficiency, whereas an INFP leader might foster a more harmonious and understanding work environment.

  • Fostering Innovation: The drive to innovate is deeply rooted in personality. ENTPs may excel at brainstorming sessions, while ISTJs might be best at refining and implementing those innovative ideas into practical solutions.

  • Complementing Natural Tendencies: By recognizing your inherent strengths, you can leverage them in your business. An ESFJ's empathetic nature can be a strong asset in customer relations, while an ENTJ's strategic thinking might shine in business development.

  • Adaptive Strategies: Adapting your strategy to fit your personality can lead to greater fulfillment and effectiveness. INFPs, with their adaptable nature, might excel in start-ups that require flexibility, while ESTPs could succeed in fast-paced environments that match their dynamic temperament.

Key Takeaways

Your Myers-Briggs personality type can be a powerful compass to help you decide what business to start. Here's how to get started with it: 

  • Know Your Type: Understand yourself with a personality test.

  • Match Your Strengths: Align your business ideas with personal strengths.

  • Work Environment Matters: Create a space where your type thrives.

  • Team Dynamics: Collaborate with personalities that complement yours.

  • Decision-Making: Use your type’s approach to make informed choices.

Want to know more about personality types and business ideas? We're trying to build a database of most suitable business ideas based on different personalities. Whatsapp me at +918527222491 or click this link and share your interest via the contact form at the end:


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