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20 NFC & Tech Ideas to Increase Sales of Your Coffee Shop

Tired of the same old strategies for your coffee shop? Time to go digital, my friend. We've got 20 kickass ideas that blend tech with your daily brew, amping up sales and customer happiness. Let's dive in.

QR Codes for Digital Menus

Just scan, view, and pay. No waiting and more table turnover equals more cash in your register.

Imagine walking into a McDonald's with no long queues. Yes, it's possible.

  • Boosts efficiency.
  • Cuts down service time.
  • Offers a smooth customer experience.

WhatsApp Table Service

Customers can text to order right from their tables. You know what's more loyal than a pup? A well-fed coffee shop patron.

  • Orders come in fast.
  • Tables clear out faster.
  • Builds customer loyalty.

NFC Loyalty Points

A tap of the phone and your customers collect loyalty points. No more fumbling with cards or apps.

It's like your supermarket rewards, but cooler and quicker.

  • Hassle-free points collection.
  • Boosts customer retention.
  • Simplifies your loyalty program.

AR Coffee Tasting

Virtual taste tests for your brews? Yes, please. Get folks talking about your exotic coffee profiles.

Think wine tasting, but for the modern coffee lover.

  • Educates customers.
  • Boosts sales of special blends.
  • Adds a "cool factor" to your shop.

AR Art Gallery

Display local art via AR. More time in the shop means more chances they'll buy another latte.

It's like visiting a museum, without leaving your seat.

  • Keeps customers entertained.
  • Encourages extra spending.
  • Highlights local talent.

Self-Checkout Tablets

Long lines? Nah. Self-checkout tablets speed things up.

  • Increases order efficiency.
  • Decreases wait time.
  • Boosts customer satisfaction.

SMS Location-Based Offers

Send deals when customers are nearby. Think of it as a digital "Hey, we miss you."

  • Increases foot traffic.
  • Targets customers at the right time.
  • Quick and easy promotions.

QR Code Song Requests

Why be a jukebox when you can let your customers DJ? They stick around, you sell more.

  • Engaging atmosphere.
  • Longer customer stays.
  • More sales per visit.

Digital Coffee Subscriptions

Set up recurring revenue with digital coffee subscriptions. Your loyal fanbase will thank you.

Netflix for coffee? Count me in.

  • Recurring revenue.
  • High customer retention.
  • Simplifies inventory planning.


So, you ready to shake things up? From NFC loyalty points to AR coffee tastings, there's no shortage of ways to bring your coffee shop into the digital age. Trust me, your customers (and your sales figures) will thank you. Cheers!

Anmol Ratan Sachdeva

Anmol writes to help early-stage startups, businesses and aspiring entrepreneurs build, improve and grow their ventures.