Ditch Ignorance for Awareness with Bizlite Blog

What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when someone says that they want to start something?

Do you think of the problems first or how you could be of help? Or you’re completely indifferent about what they’re trying to share?

As I said, ignorance is bliss. If you ignore them, you’d be happy but there are high chances that you might miss a great discussion, an opportunity, or even a chance to outgrow yourself.

You need to go the extra mile to experience something interesting and unique, as with every beautiful experience in life.

With Bizlite Blog, I want to increase awareness about the times we’re living in, and the opportunities we have in hand. Also, I want to share solutions to the problems we all have when we start something new- a business venture or a digital initiative.

You must have heard- the internet is a great leveler- it allows anyone to work from anywhere, start a business and grow his wealth.

I started working thanks to the internet worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs to help them realize the growth potential of the digital world.

Now, I want to share what I learned, experimented and achieved to help you start your ‘own thing’. And if you’ve already begun, maybe get better in your journey using whatever knowledge I have- the one I acquired by kicking ignorance out of the window.



Bizlite Blog will be there so that the next time someone comes to you saying they want to start something, you have information to share, or hopefully your ‘own thing’- maybe a blog, a newsletter, a digital asset or a full-fledged business to flaunt and give them advice on.

That’s how I envision you using this blog- as a way to share knowledge and kick ignorance about ‘digital growth opportunities’ out of your lives.


I am Anmol – a freelancer, consultant and writer of this blog and I will keep sharing whatever I know with you to help you build, improve and grow your small business.


Keep reading, implementing and realizing your big business idea with Bizlite